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Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes


It was a hard week for us with lots of unexpected changes to our community. Friends are moving and things are changing. I blame daylight savings. Things are so much more difficult when you wake up tired in the morning.


In order to promote good hygiene habits, I require my children to let me smell their hands after they wash with soap. This way I can tell that they hands were actually washed, and the right amount of soap was used. I always say, "Let me smell those hands to make sure they smell like soap," in a real sing-song type voice. The boys were teasing each other saying things like, "Let me smell your hair to make sure it smells like shampoo," and "Let me smell your feet to make sure they smell like feet." Each statement got more and more detailed and I am sure you can guess where the conversation headed after that.


Henry's face is looking better!

With this summer-like weather we have had to break out some warm weather clothes for the kids. My heart swells with love every time I hear Margaret ask if she can wear "short-sleeve pants."


I got this toy at the thrift store for $2.00. It is perfect for Malcolm while we school.


I am reviewing a great science curriculum right now. Here are the kids displaying the layers of the Earth they made out of play-doh. Starting this program has made me start to think about next year in terms of what we will use and what I should buy. Math (A Beka), English (Shurley), and Writing (IEW) will all definitely stay the same. The other subjects... who knows?


Easter is three weeks away from this Sunday. I don't know about you, but I have been struggling a lot this Lent. Maybe it's the weather, but I just can't get motivated to get anything done. It's like I skipped Spring and switched right to summer mode.

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Stacy said...

"Short sleeved pants" is beyond cute!!!

Unknown said...

I loathe time changes with every fibre of my being.
They're the worst.

Colleen said...

I love Malcolm looking so happy with his toy! And Margaret's comment on the "short sleeve pants" reminds me of when one of my kids used to say that. So adorable!

P.S. Regarding keeping the outfit "nice" Eamon wore it once 5 years ago, and then we just pulled it out to put on Alexander and took a picture since it doesn't even fit him. So that's how you keep an outfit nice...only wear it once!

Jessica said...

I used to smell hands. But I had a bad experience with that, and now I just say, "Don't make me smell your hands!" My kids' feet always smell like pickles.

Kathleen Basi said...

I have been struggling with motivation this Lent, too, but I blame it on a nursing infant. :)

The pictures are ADORABLE. I love the boys' take on the singsong--I can tell we'll be headed that direction in the not-too-distant future!

And I, too, loathe time changes. In fact, I have yet to meet anyone who likes them. Why, why, WHY didn't they just switch us to Daylight Savings a few years ago and be done with it, instead of monkeying with a bad system????

Lisa said...

Short sleeve pants! LOVE. The time change has us all messed up here too.

Today's my first time at 7 quick takes!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Oh my. I can imagine where that conversation went! Bwa ha ha!