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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sewing To Summer Challenge #1

The first month of the Sewing to Summer Challenge has ended successfully for me. When I undertook this challenge my goals were: 1) to use up as much fabric as possible each month and 2) to sew something I knew would turn out well using as much fabric as possible.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I sew a lot. Here are some photos of my projects over the last month:

Nine skirts currently on etsy.

All the skirts in the above photo are a simple eight-panel skirts or a flare skirt. All have an elastic waist. Here are some close-ups of a few of my favorites:

In addition to these skirts for etsy, I also sewed three great bags. One was a practice, one was for me, and one I gifted to a friend for her birthday. I only have the photo of the one for myself, but the other two were identical using different fabrics:

I sewed some cute cute cute clothes for Margaret during this month:

And finally I sewed a skirt for myself. Two actually, but I only completely finished one:

This challenge has been a lot of fun and I encourage everyone to join in, even if you've missed the first month. Head over to Milk and Honey Mommy for more sewing success stories!


Martha said...

My, you were productive. I was lucky to finish my one project.

Both my daughter and I love the pink ruffly girls skirt you made. All of your creations are very nice.


Katherine T. Lauer said...

I still need to know how you have time to sew, like, ever. I went through a streak of being able to sew when Margaret was brand new born, actually. But now it's been a good 8 months, I think, since I've been able to sew even one time.

What is your secret? Please share!