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Monday, February 20, 2012

Help Me Decide: To buy or not to buy?

It's that time of year again where we start to make summer plans. When I think of summer trips, I always think of camping.

We didn't go camping as a family last summer because Malcolm was still pretty new and I thought that it wouldn't be much fun to have a little nursing baby in a tent on an air mattress. Good choice on my part.

Michael took the boys camping a few times. It's always hit or miss with us because we don't own a waterproof tent. So camping in the rain quickly turns to sleeping in a lake when our tent is involved.

You may remember my blog posts from Summer of 2010 when we took a cross country trip with the expectation of camping all the way to Oregon and all the way back. Problem with our idea was that it rained. So our stuff got wet. It is so not fun sleeping in a wet sleeping bag next to four children also in wet sleeping bags.

Last Spring we decided to buy a waterproof tent. It doesn't have to be a backpacking tent, just a camping tent will do. But Malcolm's arrival delayed all that and so we never got around to it. Which was fine because he was so not the type of baby to bring camping.

Now it is time to decide again if we want to buy a new tent for camping. Not a tent like the one pictured above that becomes a portable water supply when it rains. Since five children will be my sleeping companions, I want something that will keep my sleeping space dry.

Ahh. Doesn't it look cozy? I love camping and sleeping in tents. Dry tents that is. And it stinks when your camping plans have the possibility of wet miserable nights hanging over them. To buy or not to buy. That is the question. 


Heidiblossom said...

Do it dude! Just make sure that you buy one big enough to hold your family at however big it is going to get... Our tent is kind of a cheapo, and it would be waterproof except there is this seam that runs on the floor, and that is where it leaks water. I think we just need to reseal it. Really, I think all tents lose their waterproofness over time, you just have to repaint them with sealant or something. We just planned our first camping trip of the summer- memorial day weekend! Does it count as camping if we bring our bus to sleep in???

Modest Mama said...

Yeah dude, we've sealed the tent about a gazillion times so it's probably as waterproof as it's going to get. And camping TOTALLY counts with your bus. Maybe that's what we should get~ a school bus. That would be a riot to park it in our "street parking only" neighborhood.

Stacy said...

It sounds like something your family will get good use out of, and not a spur of the moment purchase, so I say go for it!

Stacy said...

It sounds like something your family will get good use out of, and not a spur of the moment purchase, so I say go for it!