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Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes


We joined a nation-wide postcard swap. I have joined things like this before, but they have always been a bust. Besides the work of addressing about 60 postcards, I think this will be a very fun experience for the kids. We are hanging the postcards in the entry room as we receive them. We got our first one this week: West Virginia!


It's official! I have a four year old daughter! Sometimes I feel like Daddy Warbucks when he says, "I never thought I'd get used to a girl." She has challenged me and changed me in more ways than I could ever know. Everything about my life is better because she exists. Check back later for the official birthday post.


I recently received an email from another etsy person. I get very nervous when I get these because it usually means that a) I screwed up an order or b) They want to order some almost impossible item that I will screw up. This gal contacted me not because of an order, but because of my views on modesty (as they are listed in my profile). She admits that she had fairly negative views on modesty and came to my shop to bash rather than shop. After reading my profile she stated, "I just thought the sentence on your profile, "Clothes and accessories should show that beauty without denying her dignity", was so, so beautiful and eloquently expressive of the idea that immodesty is a loss, not a gain."


Speaking of modest dress and my etsy shop, I have about ten skirts ready to list, but absolutely no motivation to do so. I love the sewing aspect of selling, not so much the selling aspect of selling.


Speaking of sewing, check out this bag I made this week:

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this bag totally rocks.


Did I already mention in a past Quick Takes how Margo has become obsessed with my kid-size dress form? Yeah, she refers to it as her sister and dresses it in her dress up clothes. It is about a foot taller than her, but she still manages to lug it around the house. It's a little disturbing that her sister is headless. Just a little.


The kids start their Step-Up classes today. For those that are unaware, Step-Up is a program for homeschoolers where every Friday for ten weeks they can take classes from 2 to 5pm on the Saint Vincent College campus. The classes are an hour long and taught by education majors. Price per class is only $20 for the whole ten weeks.

What Step-Up means for me is a wonderful break. I drop four of my darlings off and join the other gals for some talkie time. Margaret only goes for an hour, and then she and I head home for Malcolm's nap. Michael brings the boys home later. Although I usually only get dinner made, I love having that time alone with Margaret. She is so sweet and dramatic and crazy fun. I love to bask in the mother-daughter thing, and it is so great to see her excitement when the brothers return home.

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Mandi Richards said...

Love the etsy message you received!

Jennifer Kehoe said...

Same here...I was just about to say I loved the Etsy comment when I noticed Mandi has already said that, so instead I'll say it's amazing how truth attracts even when you're not consciously trying. That could make a huge difference to that girl's life, the fact that truth was presented in such an attractive way. Way to go!!
Jennifer x

jen said...

There's also Postcrossing which does postcards on an international scale.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Yes, that bag does rock. Very cool. And great description of dressing modestly.