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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Sewing Friend

He's very interested in all things sewing-related. Especially the drawers of sewing supplies and the cords of the machines.

He is my official taste-tester to check for quality.

He has many supervisors, but sometimes is still able to get away with stuff.


Our Homeschool Reviews said...

I wish I knew how to sew better. I've made a little purse and dress for my dd, and a few other small things, but that is it. I've tried getting her into it more, but I think she needs more time. She likes it, but doesn't really ask to do it. Maybe in another year or two.

Modest Mama said...

Christine~ The trick for me was to get a machine that was good quality and that the boys could sew easily on. That was success was easy to obtain. They have their own machine and seem to really enjoy it. Good luck with your little funny bunny!