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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Learning Art at Our House

Art. Oh how you defeat me. Every year I purchase books promising children who draw, create sculptures, and paint. Every year those books get dusty and the kids go un-art educated.

It's not that I don't want them to learn. It just so. hard. to. fit. it. in. So very hard. Sometimes I pay to have them taught. Sometimes I get together with other moms. Mostly I just let them be spontaneous and creative and create art when and where they want.

I know this doesn't exactly make for an interesting blog post, but it may be that I inspire another art-struggling mom to just let it go. Because art will happen whether it is planned or not. 

Here are some photos from our art adventures:

The older boys at the end of a summer art camp.

Homemade Valentine's Day cards to gift to family

Decorating a club house.

Painting some ceramic mushrooms

Using markers and paper.

Using store bought art kits

Creating sculptures out of marshmallows, cheese puffs, and toothpicks.

Others are sharing about art as well. Visit Susan at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds or check out these links:

Disclaimer: I wrote about these things because I wanted to, and I received nothing but personal satisfaction for my efforts.


Susan said...

David says: "They don't NEED any art lessons!"

Art looks very similar in our house. We have slowly eased into some art appreciation studies, informally. Child-size Masterpieces is a good resource for that. And David is doing Artistic Pursuits. Off and on. ;0)

But when they are young like this, I think just doing and enjoying is more beneficial. Experiencing, rather than analyzing. There will be plenty of time for that when they are older. ;0)

Thank you for joining the Virtual Curriculum Fair.

Brooke said...

found you through snapshots of a sunday. love the blog!

C said...

If you ask me this is ART in it's truest form! LOVE all the creations!
And thanks for the encouragement about perspective in art at my blog For One Another :)

Lynn Pitts said...

That's awesome. Even though we don't have an art 'curriculum' doesn't mean our children don't do art.. It sounds like you have them set and it looks like they are enjoying what they are doing and that's all that matters :)This is basically how we do art. We also do projects through the different subjects that helps them make things.. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)