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Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes


After several years of pondering different names, I have finally come up with a great name for our homeschool. Not that it matters outside of this house, but having a name just makes it a little more fun for this home-educated Krom community. We have chosen the name 'Ab Initio Academy,' which means 'From the Beginning Academy.' Very appropriate and fun.


I am about a to purchase a Kindle Fire or a Nook Color. I am very excited about this purchase and all the neat homeschooling apps that will become available to us. So I won't have new clothes or shoes this year because I am using my clothing Christmas money for this new toy instead. Don't worry, Mama! I will still get my new Birks. Someday...


The dinner conversation is always different if Michael is missing, as I know it is when I am missing. While the kids and Michael probably discuss the various virtues associated with the different sacraments, tonight while Michael was unavailable for dinner the conversation revolved around which showed a higher level of gratitude: a high five or a butt bump.


Look what this baby can do now!!!


I am currently deciding whether to buy a Kindle Fire or a Nook Color. I am leaning towards the Fire because of the homeschooling apps and the streaming from amazon.


Still no page rank for my for google page rank. Bummer. Conversion Diary, on the other hand, has a page rank of 5. Lucky!


I just noticed that I have 25 posts labeled as Quick Takes. That would indicate that I have written 25 Friday Quick Takes. Is that even possible?

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Oh my. I love the dinner conversation. Deep philosophical matters!