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Monday, December 19, 2011

Cute Clothing Site

Everyone knows that my passion is sewing. I adore creating items from patterned cotton fabrics. I am sure that it is no surprise to anyone that my favorite person to sew for is Margaret. It is so rewarding to sew clothing and accessories for my own daughter. I love the look of happiness when I present her with her newest skirt, dress, or bag. I am always very flattered when people compliment the outfits I have sewn for her. Although I don't sew for the praise I receive, sewing is simply my outlet, it does encourage me to know that my sewn items are admired.

I would love to sew for every little girl I know, but the truth is that there just isn't enough time in my day for sewing. Even though I have most nights and almost the whole day on Wednesday, I just can't make it happen. Most times I don't even have enough time to sew everything I want to sew for etsy or Margaret. My sewing cabinet is bursting with unused materials. It's inspiring to see all the wonderful fabrics, but discouraging as well since I don't know when those fabrics will be used.

I am always on the look out for clothes that are of a similar style to what I would sew for Margaret if I had the time. I found this wonderful site that has the most adorable dresses and baby clothes. Things may seem a bit pricey, but as a seamstress I can assure you that most times you can't make clothes cheaper than this. I know where I am going to look next time I am need a cute outfit and don't have time to sew one myself. With the holidays coming up I just wanted to share a gem of a site for all of you looking for cute and modest children's clothing.

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