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Friday, December 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes


Are you ready because ready or not it is coming!


My in-laws have arrived for the weekend and I feel that I can now officially feel "Christmasy"


I got Malcolm's Christmas and Epiphany gifts off of craigslist this year. A real bargain for toys that seem to be brand-new. The gal was super sweet and called me the next day offering even more toys, this time for free. I accepted and the toys are awesome. It was only later that I realized that I think she thought I was poor, perhaps too poor to buy toys for my kids. Because this second free batch was even nicer than the first. I am extremely grateful and these toys will gift not only Margaret and Malcolm this holiday, but also for both their birthdays. We have a few that we are unable to use and these will be given to friends with babies. I wish she could only know the amount of smiles and happiness she gifted this year!


I have tried four times to load James' piano recital video onto this blog, but I keep getting an error. Anyone know any tricks?



I totally lost my page ranking when I switched domain names. I am pretty sad because I just got a paid offer for posting opps due to my page ranking. The money was being put directly into our adoption fund. So if you are feeling charitable, please visit my blog regularly over the next couple weeks so that I can get my page ranking back up. I am currently at zero.


I hope that all my friends, family, TOS coworkers, and readers have a blessed Christmas.

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