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Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes


We have been back nearly a week, but there is such a whirlwind of activity around here I haven't even had a chance to catch my breath. I did, however, return to an incredibly clean house. It was such a nice surprise.


After almost a full month off, we begin another round of soccer! This is indoor soccer for the winter season and it is only on Friday nights. Much less stressful and hectic.


My mother in law got a write a historical marker for the grammar school she attended!

There was a big to-do with a news people and she was on television and in the local newspapers.

I know you can't read the text on this marker, but trust me~ it's awesome. How many people know someone that actually wrote one of these?!?!


I won two batches of Christmas cards on Shutterfly this year. Then I got 25 free cards for signing up at SeeHere. So I only ended up buying about 25 cards. We managed to get a great photo at the farm for the cards and now we are just waiting for them to arrive. Here is a rejected photo for our Christmas card:


Do you send photo cards? I think they are ridiculously overpriced, but since we are living so far from home it is almost expected of us. And they are so easy. I can put all the info on the card so I don't have to write anything. It may seem a bit impersonal, but I send out over 100 of these bad boys a year. And I think about the family to receive it as I slap on the pre-printed address labels.


I am in charge of the children's section of a cookbook. Any child can enter a recipe or a drawing for the book. Anyone interested? I know my kids are going to love seeing something they drew published in a book.


So I had all five kids at a doctor's appointment recently. It was one of those things where they schedule it for you, and to reschedule is a bit of a hassle. And this was a reschedule, so to reschedule again seemed like a big deal. So I hauled them all there hoping it would go quickly. It didn't. In fact, people were so impressed with my children that they kept talking to them, thus extending our stay even longer. The doctor was most impressed with Isaac, who was getting some tests for his heart appointment. She told me that she had never had a child act so well. She said most times they have to tell the parents to take the children down to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh because they are too wild to handle. She kept asking me over and over what I do to get my children to behave so well. Her own son, she claims, runs the halls screaming when he is there. She actually said "screaming." And she wanted a real answer. It wasn't a hypothetical "Wow, what do you do to get them to act so well?" that I get at church. This doctor asked me and stood there expecting an answer. What was I supposed to say? Homeschooling? No TV or video games? Good nutrition? God's Grace?

Now I am home reflecting on the conversation and I realize the answer is so obvious. My kids act well in public because I expect that of them. They have their moments, but they want to please me, and  they behave accordingly. I, in return, remember that they are only children and I show them patience and kindness. I do not expect more of them than they can give me. I know their limits, so I do not put them in situations where they will fail. I reward their good behavior with loving encouragement and sometimes an extra treat later.

To tell the truth, my kids were so well-behaved today that even I am impressed. We were in that waiting area for an hour and a half, and only once did I have to raise my voice. My kids rule!

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Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

Isn't it amazing how kids will (mostly) meet your expectations? I found that to be true time and time again teaching high school.

Juliana said...

I love photo cards, but you're right--they are expensive!! I send out about 100 every year too (I actually got my list down to 90 this year) and it adds up. Congrats on the bounty of free stuff!!

RE: acting well in public, I find that my kids usually act well in public, but they save up all the crazy for the minute they walk in the door. The better behaved in public they are, the more stored up crazy there is. So it goes...

jen said...

I didn't send out photo cards until my son was born in 2009. I got to use some Pampers rewards points to pay for 100 of mine (I think I ordered 125 this year). Shutterfly is the one I use and I've been the most impressed with them.

Heidiblossom said...

Your kids do rule! I love them, each one!!
Congrats to a real southern lady on being published into history!!
Haven would love to be in the cookbook! What do we need to send you? Also congrats dude, you are so awesome.
Also, this year I am sending a photo card, of sorts. Wish I was seeing you this Christmas!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

That is so fantastic that the doctor asked that question of you. Godo job, mama.