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Friday, November 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes


Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday celebrated with friends and family!


Isaac designed a bow and arrow using his pocket knife, a couple sticks, a long rubber band, and a turkey feather. Guess what! It really shoots.


I love grandfathers who like to read to their grandkids.


I also love grandfathers who believe little boys should have BB Guns to shoot when they have a large family farm to run around on.


After over a week of misery from Malcolm, we were able to get him the medicine he needed to return to his cute little self!


I was recently able to eat lunch alone at a resturant. It was so wonderful! I ordered soup. Not only was it hot while I ate it, but I didn't have to share a single bite.


Hard to believe that Advent starts in two days. This year Advent is the longest that it can possibly be. We are modifying some of our traditions because of this. We are also planning to do a Jesse Tree. Of course, I always plan to do several things during this special holy time, but very few of them ever come to be.

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1 comment:

Katherine T. Lauer said...

You ate lunch alone? No one crawling on your lap, insisting on eating off your plate what they won't eat off their own plate even though it is exactly the same? No having to get up from the table seven times ("Oh, mom, can I have . . .") before you take your first bite?

Very lovely!