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Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes


It's time to start planning for Christmas gift giving. I tend to buy on-line because, let's face it, I have no time to shop in stores with five kids in tow. I am looking for ideas for girl gifts in the three to five year old range. Any suggestions? So far I have heard Barbie's, dollhouses, dress-up clothes, scarves, and art supplies. I am still hunting for the gift that just makes me say, "Ahhh. That's perfect!"


I'm pretty crafty and fairly decent with a sewing machine. A few weeks back I posted about some embroidered bags I can make. If anyone else is crafty and makes things that they would like to trade, I would totally be interested in that. I am always looking to give handmade goods at Christmas and I love to support local artists instead of box stores. Leave me a comment with your email address. Don't worry, I won't publish comments that have personal info.


For those of you that do the 7 Quick Takes, do you ever find that you have seven neat things to say until you sit down to write the post? It's hard for me to come up with even one interesting thing to say.


So instead of writing about things, I will post photos, which I think most of my faithful followers prefer anyways.

We took the kids to Rock Eagle. They enjoyed the hike and climbing the tower.


Margaret wearing footed jammies with rain boots as she takes Malcolm on a walk down the driveway.


At the aquarium. I realize I spell 'aquarium' wrong every other time I spell it. I want there to be a "c" in there.


At the lake.
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Katherine T. Lauer said...

I also believe that "aquarium" needs a C in it. It would be better that way and I will continue to spell it that way most of the time until something changes. :)