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Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes: The soooo edition

1. After two years on the wait list we got our house weatherized this week. Now I am sooooo excited to get cold weather so we can test out all the added insulation and little things that they did. We are still waiting on the furnace guy, who should come next week. It'll be a different world for me to experience a winter where I am not cold the entire time.

2. We have been sooooo blessed by the review opportunities we have had this year. I am hoping to get my followers number up, so please follow my blog using Google Friend Connect if you aren't already. It is so easy and only takes a few clicks. Leave a message if you have a blog and I will follow you back.

3. Sooooo tired.

4. Soooooo cute

5. I have finally figured out how to fix the 'holes-in-all-the-knees' problem:

I have the machine, why am I not doing this? Sooo easy that I am a little embarrassed it took me so long to figure it out.

6. I decided last week that I was not going to spend any money for an entire week. It's sooooo not as easy as you might think. Especially when you are feeding a family. I don't know if this challenge will help save me money, or if everything I needed to buy in the last week will just be bought at the same time when the week is over.

7. It's SVC Fall Break and hubby is going to construct some neat wooden things for our home. We were thinking about a shoe organizer and I found some great canvas baskets for it, but alas, one fell apart and we need to find more baskets. So maybe he'll work on the built-in bookcases for the living room. The book situation is sooooo out of control here and needs to be tamed.

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I love that idea of not spending any money for a week. What a great challenge! I think I'm going to try that.

These were a great read -- thanks for participating!

Joelle said...

What a great idea for the pants. I am going to have to remember that. You have such a beautiful bunch!

Susan said...

The books are never tamed, no matter how many bookshelves you have. ;0)

Years ago, when I was a poor student, I made calico patches for the knees of my own jeans (ripped jeans weren't quite the fashion statement they seem to be these days, and my knees got cold in the winter). I just used squares and satin stitched them on with a regular sewing machine in a patchwork design. It held up better than I expected, so I suspect your embroidered patches will do even better. Unfortunately, my kiddos shoot up before they wear holes in the you think David would go for calico ruffles at the bottom of his jeans? ;0)