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Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Want to share the nitty-gritty of your hose with a stranger? Then get an energy-analysis of your home. A stranger will enter your house, stay for six to eight hours, and investigate every nook-and-cranny including your closets, crawl spaces, behind appliances, and those parts of your basement that you have been throwing that "stuff" for the last four years.

2. As a result of the above named process, fun and exciting things will happen to your family. Some examples may be that your hot water is turned off because the "venting" doesn't meet code. Or you may learn that the folks that hooked up your gas line cut corners and it also doesn't meet code.

3. Speaking of stuff at home, Malcolm has slept well for the last two nights! I am a new woman again!

4. Just got the book Geography Through Art. It looks completely awesome and I recommend that even my non-homeschooling friends check it out.

5. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Did you know that Walmart had Christmas stuff out TWO WEEKS AGO?!?!? It was still summer two weeks ago! I think I will boycott all "Christmas-related Walmart shopping" as a result of my disgust. Problem is that Target is so. darn. far. away.

6. My book group started. The one my neighbor runs but that meets at my house because I have the most kids. I love love love it!

7. One of the kids have just alerted me to the fact that it is Malcolm's half-birthday. Sigh. So it is.

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