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Friday, September 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Have you ever mopped your floor and it actually got worse? I have. Big streaks of dried dirt appeared after it dried. So not worth the effort.

2. The boys are selling popcorn again. All three older boys are now enrolled in Cub Scouts. The required amount of sold popcorn per scout this year is $500. That is so not. going. to. happen. We will just sell as much as we can and be proud of how much we do sell. If you are interested in buying from us, click here to access our personal on-line family account.

3. Malcolm has been in an awful terrible horrible mood lately. Teeth? Tummy ache? Temperament?

4. I have decided, again, to get rid of stuff. I have too many children to be taking care of a bunch of stuff. Since the kids have their Friday classes again, I can easily drop stuff off on the way to their classes. My goal is two large bags a week for eight weeks.

5. Anyone use IEW Level A? I feel like a fish out of water using this program. It is far too valuable to be "just winging it." I have read numerous blogs, but I still just don't feel like I am teaching it as well as I could be.

6. Speaking of getting rid of stuff... does anyone remember me from my neckalce making days? I am selling all my beading supplies and putting the money towards our adoption. If you are interested in any beading and necklace making supplies, let me know.

7. And finally:
A very grubby Margaret holding a half-eaten banana that she insisted must be frozen. But alas! It is now too cold and we must hold it in this kitchen towel until it is warmer. Several hours later, said banana was found abandoned in the living room, still wrapped snugly in the kitchen towel.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Good for you for getting rid of stuff. I need to do some more of that in September and October before the crush of Catholic feast days and family birthdays in November through February. Thanks for the reminder. PEOPLE BEFORE STUFF.