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Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Soccer has started. Isaac goes on Thursday and Saturday. James on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. We've had one day and so far so good.

2. We start schooling on Monday. James in 5th, Isaac in 2nd, and Henry in 1st. And yes, we normally have a month done by the start of September.

3. Malcolm had his first solid food. I have a whole blog post about it that I forgot to post. Cute pictures! He had it for a few days, but then had a rough day of upset tummy and so now he is back to breastmilk only. And he is sooooo much happier.

4. After much thought I decided to take a year off of our homeschooling co-op. We just have so. many. activities. that I needed to free up some time. I mean homeschooling implies being at home. Which we really weren't doing very much of. I am hoping to be able to return to it next year. The kids are taking it better than I am. I am wondering if I made the right decision. After all, I get to see my friends there too!

5. A recent conversation with Margaret went like this:
Michael: "When were you a baby?"
Margaret: "When I was in Mama's tummy."
Michael: "How did you come out?"
Margaret: "I went to the doctor."
Michael: "Why did you come out?"
Margaret: "I wanted to grow."

6.  I am currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Have you read it and did you love it? I am really enjoying it so far!

7. And speaking of reading...Did your kids do the Barnes and Nobles summer reading club? Mine did for the second summer. We are going tomorrow to collect our free books. Of course, going to get free books at a book store means I'll probably be spending fifty to a hundred dollars. Anyone else have that problem at book stores?

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Going into bookstores is very dangerous!