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Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Today is my mother-in-laws birthday!
This is my most recent group photo of her and the kids and it's from 2008! Time for some new photos.
2. I took the kids to a free dance lesson earlier in the week. I have decided that I really dislike the whole dance mentality around here. The studio we went to was chosen because we got some free coupons. They advertised a "stress-free" environment; it was anything but. There was no class for Margaret because the teacher was on vacation, but the director allowed her to dance in the same class as the boys. That class was an hour and a half. Margaret lasted just under an hour. Totally fine with me! But when the boys left the class they got a treat. Margaret got no treat because she left the class early. Margaret started crying and the director egged her on by saying, "How much do you hate me now?" Then proceeded to tell me that I may think it is mean, but it is how she trains them to stay in the class the whole time. Almost in the same breath she explained that the three year old class was shorter and more age-appropriate. So is she punishing Margaret for leaving the class or for being in a class that wasn't age-appropriate? The boys were described as"disruptive" because they kept dancing and smiling at themselves in the mirrors. Ummm. The whole place was mirrors. And I watched the class, they followed orders, I mean directions, better than some of the whiny girls in the class. I don't need a graduate degree to see when we aren't wanted. But if you don't want to honor free coupons- DON'T PASS THEM OUT!!!

3. A sight I am going to soon be missing:

Lifevests by the front door ready to throw in the car for a swim at the lake.

4. One more week until we "officially" start schooling. That's when the public school goes back, and also when Michael beings teaching. We have tried to start schooling before the public school starts, but it doesn't really work since the neighbors go to school. It's hard for my kids to concentrate when their are other kids playing in our yard with our yard toys.

5. We are all ready for school. Even Henry who was recently whining about how much school a first grader has to do. He whined yesterday, "I wish we could start school nowwwwww."

6. I got behind on my diaper washing and had to borrow a diaper for Malcolm from the neighbor while mine were drying. She only had a size three and it fit him perfectly. Sigh. It's going by so fast.

7. All weeks should end with drinks like these:


Diane Stringam Tolley said...

"Dance'? Sounds more like 'drill'. With a teacher/drill sergeant. What an experience!

Heidiblossom said...

1. Those drinks look awesome.
2. We are really looking forward to school starting too. Haven bugs me all day long, every day, to see her friends.
3. That dance studio sounds terrible. Don't ever go back.
4. Your kids wear life jackets to swim in the lake? Is this a common thing??
5. Audrey wears size three diapers too! Man, she is such a peanut!
6. Happy Birthday to a real southern lady!
7. Dude, when you come to the Jamboree you HAVE to ride on the bus with us! Then we'll set up our ginormous tent for your family to camp in! I can't wait for the day you can come! Second weekend in August, send Michael the link!

Modest Mama said...

The drinks were totally awesome.

I have five kids to manage at the lake, usually by myself. One kid is strapped to me, the other four are poor swimmers, at best. Of course my kids are wearing life vests at the lake. I wouldn't be able to manage it any other way. Margaret has hers on the whole time, from when we leave the car until we return. Henry mostly plays on the beach, Isaac and James are getting better, but they still need it to play in the deep end.

Heidiblossom said...

Yeah dude, that makes perfect sense. My kids are very cautious and mostly stay out of the water too.