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Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes (around the house)

Michael built this!
 1. Michael has finished painting the school room this beautiful blue color with the Ivory trim. As many of you suggested, more storage was needed for this room. Well, IKEA had what we wanted, but Michael dislikes IKEA. All that stuff about creating a disposable lifestyle. So he decided to build me a cabinet in the schoolroom. It will eventually have doors, but we are waiting for some special saw so that he can make them fancy. It is beyond fabulous.
Michael built this too!
 2. Okay, so Michael may have missed his calling. I was whining about how the bookcase I wanted to put in the hallway was too large for the space. The boys weren't able to really open the door to their room with it there. So Michael busted out a bunch of leftover wood pieces and built me this bookcase in the hallway. It is way better than the one I wanted to put there and holds a ton of books. It still needs to be painted, but I was going crazy with thousands of books on my sewing tables and had to get them put up.
 3. Since our school room is out of order our dining room currently looks like this. And no, we aren't doing any school work. I wish!
 4. This is my awesome new phone. I need a good place for it. I am thinking about putting it in my awesome new school room. And no, that is not my number.
 5. My Mama sent me this photo collage I made when I was about twenty. It's fun to look at although I can only remember the names to about half of the people.
 6. Do these bookcases look awful or what?!? I took the nice, wooden bookcases from the living room and switched them with the cheap ones in the school room. I cringe every time I enter the living room now. I guess Michael is going to need to whip up a couple of built-ins for this room as well.
7. I saved the best for last! Malcolm meets the family cow. If you are not familiar with our family and the cow, watch this video to see Margaret meeting the cow. I don't have a good video of Malcolm with the cow, but I hope to post one soon.


Katherine T. Lauer said...

I am panting over here in longing for your new bookshelves. Go Michael, go! Fabulous. They are gorgeous.

Ah well, now he will just have to make some for the living room too.

I really like your elevated wooden chair at the dining table. Is that a high chair for the baby? I want to get a wooden high chair.

Modest Mama said...


That is actually a real "high" chair~ it doesn't have a tray or anything, but is actually a tall chair. The kids graduate to that after they use a booster seat but before they use a real table chair.

Thanks for the compliments about the shelves. He has agreed to do the living room, but he can only do projects in the summer months and so it'll have to wait...