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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seven Quick Takes (a day late)

1. The heat wave appears to have broken! On Thursday night Michael and I were both up at 3:00 am and it was 83 degrees outside. Our AC had shut off and it was 81 degrees inside. That in itself isn't so bad, but the humidity was close the 90%. We have an awesome Solar Weather Station to tell us all these useful facts. Anyways, Michael was able to get the AC working again, but our house is so old and so big it is very difficult to get it cooled off. Friday night a big thunderstorm broke the heat wave and we are all much happier now!

2. I think Margaret is officially potty-trained. Months of bribing have finally paid off. I am not celebrating yet though, since we have had this kind of success before and it didn't last.

3. Malcolm started sleeping through the night at six weeks. I didn't really want to tell anyone for fear I would jinx it. People would ask how he was sleeping and I would honestly say "He is a great sleeper!" He would sleep from eight or nine at night until six in the morning.

4. Malcolm no longer sleeps through the night. He has always been a belly sleeper (shhhh) and has recently learned to turn himself over. Now he will turn himself over several times a night and wake up. Sometimes just putting him back onto his stomach works, but usually he has to be nursed. Sigh.

5. Michael leaves for Wyoming on Sunday. I am so jealous I could just scream.

6. Mema (Michael's mom) is here to help while Michael is away. We have been looking at furniture thinking we are going to change things around while hubby is away.

7. Our work crew is here today. We are trying to finish the kitchen. Four summers of kitchen remodeling may come to an end this summer!

That's seven! See you next week!

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Ooo. Wyoming. A cabin alone in Wyoming . . .

I hope Margaret is potty trained! If so, have her give a lecture to my Mary!