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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The School Room~ AHHHHHH!

With only a month until we start schooling full-time again, I find that my school room is in need of a serious make-over. We spend about 40 hours a week in here and I want it to be a place of comfort and learning. But I need suggestions on how to do that.
I am already thinking about replacing the desks with long tables. That'll (hopefully) eliminate desk clutter. And I know I want to paint. When we moved in four years ago, this room was lavendar with bright pink trim. The ceiling is still lavendar, but the walls only have primer on them.
I am activitely getting rid of things in here, and have donated about four garbage bags of goods from this room in the last month. And I mean the BIG trash bags, not the wimpy kitchen ones.
The closet seen here has long shelves that extend about 18 inches into both sides of the opening. Is it worth opening up that space, or would that add to the cluttered look? What else can I do to maximize space and minimize clutter? I am also looking to save on costs as I don't have a ton of money to invest in this room.


Dianne said...

We use long tables instead of desks & it really does help it look neater. We love the Galant desks from Ikea. They have a huge surface area and have customizable configurations.

Stefanie said...

Looks lovely.

Our school room got a MAJOR overhaul last year. This year I need to do a little tweaking and decluttering. It's amazing how fast you accumulate stuff. LOL

Katherine T. Lauer said...

I am drooling over your school room. I go back and forth over whether to make our bonus room a dedicated school room. It is 400 square feet and is currently the play room. Anyway, for now, school supplies are in one utility closet in the kitchen and we work at the kitchen table.

Susan said...

Hey, your schoolroom looks amazingly like my whole 1st floor (we don't have a dedicated schoolroom). We just took the planets down from the kitchen ceiling a while ago. And I have maps on my kitchen walls. And stuffed bookshelves everywhere. ;0)

I think organization and getting rid of what you don't need is key. Long tables might help, but in our family horizontal surfaces just become places for piling things, so you may want to consider a solution (say a "drop spot") to avoid that.

What do you think about putting low bookshelves (cubby style)or even book bins around the perimeter of the room (that would fit under the windows) to open up some wall space and remove some of the vertical clutter? You could hang some art prints (for your picture study, of course) on the bare wall ;0).

Obviously, you'll still want some high shelves to keep some things out of little finger (ahem, Chris has joked about installing wall mounted shelves about a foot from the ceiling in every room in the house), but I found that when we had a whole wall covered like that in the kitchen it felt a little oppressive (we do spend most of our time in the kitchen and do a lot of schoolwork there). Lower shelves and moving some of the books to another room helped "lighten" things up, it was really a matter of rearranging what we already had.

In your case, you could do low bookshelves (I know Mike is handy) and then high mounted shelves, giving you a clear middle wall.

Ok, I'm babbling, not sure how helpful this is. Just some ideas.


Elizabeth Herr said...

OK I"m drooling too!! We work in the kitchen (for science), dining room (book work), lounge (games), my bedroom in the sun (when we want to read in a warm spot).

Good luck :)