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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge Week 1 for us

I have decided to join a little blog hop and catch up on our summer reading at the same time. Oh I had HUGE plans for summer read-a-louds with the kids. We started in mid-May and had plans to read the entire Percy Jackson series together. The first day went great with three chapters read. James and I shared the reading and we all snuggled on Margo's bed for the event. And that is where our journey through the Jackson series started and ended.

So I am hoping a little motivation will get us back on track. We are still reading around here, just more of the individual reading. Henry and Isaac are busy devouring the hundreds of Star Wars books that we own.
James is really into the Borrowers series. Of course, he reads so fast his tastes change daily.

And of course I want to include the place to feed your child's reading interest:

I have been a member for years and we have gotten tons of books from this site. It is a blessing to our large reading family. If you sign up, say that I referred you (using the email on the right side bar) and I will gift you the referring credit I get!

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