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Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. We had our first case of stitches! Isaac fell off his scooter in the alley and got a puncture wound to the forehead. It only required one stitch, but it was so deep that they had to do a CAT scan to make sure his skull was okay. You could really see into his head through this little tiny hole. He's totally fine, by the way, and the stitch is already out.

2. James and Isaac are enjoying their swimming lessons and are in their own little group at the pool. My boys are "special" swimmers. But hey, they get in the water each day without a fight and that is a thousand miles from where we were last summer.

3. After four years my kitchen is 99% finished. IT'S WONDERFUL! I'll post some before/between/after photos soon.

4. Our neighbor gave us a side by side fridge for $25. Trouble was, it didn't work. So we fixed it and put all our food in it. Then it gave out again. Nothing like a non-working fridge in a house with five kids. So we called a real repair man. Our $25 fridge has been repaired and now works like a champ. I guess we should start calling it the $125 fridge.  The old fridge has officiallly become our drink fridge. Thing about having two fridges is that you don't really know just how much you need two until you have two.

5. Now that the kitchen & bathroom are done, I am going to try to re-do the school room before we start daily lessons. I am looking for suggestions if anyone has one. I think I will head out to IKEA to check out storage thingies.

6. I can't decide whether to do first or kindergarten with Henry next year. He can already read, and finished a kindergarten math program, so maybe first? I need to decide soon so that I can get something ordered for him. Any suggestions?

7. You should have heard the comments I got when I took the kids to the public pool for free swim. I know I have a lot of kids. Do people think I forget that fact and they need to remind me of it? Among my favorite comments were: "When are you going to wake up?!?" "People should only have as many kids as there are parents." and "You're crazy!"


Diane Stringam Tolley said...

1.Ouch! Stitches. So glad he's all right!
2. Been there. My oldest went into hysterics when he put a toe in the water . . .
3. Only four years?! I've been waiting 15 for my basement! Congrats!
4. Having two fridges rocks!
5. Ikea is my favorite spot for storage and everything else!
6. Sounds like Grade one to me - especially if he is reading.
7. The comment I always got was "Haven't you heard of TV?"

Modest Mama said...

Your comments rock! Thanks!

Kima said...

5 beautiful interesting and well behaved kids VS. some other children i have observed. I would take your parenting and a dozen children it will make the world a more enriching place. Sorry you had to hear anything other than that.