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Friday, June 3, 2011


Summer has officially arrived at the Krom household. And it is not just the weather that marks this special season. We have completed the government mandatory 180 days of schooling for the 2010 to 2011 school year. Although we will continue to do some schooling almost every day, it will be a much more relaxed and enjoyable time for all (read: kids will complete work while parents enjoy breakfast on porch).

As with every summer, we have set some goals. Sometimes these goals are met, most times they are not. Looking at our past summer lack-of goal meeting, and the fact we have a newly born member in the family, I have tried to set more realistic goals.

1. My boys love to sew. They want to sew more over the summer. Usually I am too tired/annoyed/impatient to help them with this interest. Since all three of the older boys can now read, I bought them a kids sewing book and set the sewing machine up in the schoolroom for the summer. They have taken possession of the scrap box and are busy planning and sewing out various projects. So far so good. My assistance has only been necessary for tangles and feed-dog problems. I am trying to be the type of mother nurtures this interest without being so involved and instructional that I ruin the experience for them. 

2. Get rid of stuff. My house is filled to capacity with stuff. Five kids and homeschooling is the main cause. With so much stuff laying around, fun and useful items get overlooked or lost. My goal is to get rid of one bag of stuff a week. I have two bags in the car right now to donate to the pregnancy center. Yeah me!

3. Live more in the moment. I am constantly counting the minutes until I can do that one thing I've been waiting for, constantly counting the days until I can go to my sewing group, constantly counting the weeks, months, etc. until this or that happens. I often forget to take time and just look around and appreciate what I have right now. Five great kids. A devoted and husband home for most of the summer. A million other blessings. Never again will things be the same for us. My friend Sarah wrote an amazing post on her blog about living in the moment. If you have a chance pop over and read The Life I Wanted.

I know there are tons of things that I have thought about taking care of this summer, but I am going to focus on these three and see if I can actually meet my summer goals.

What goals does your family have?


Sarah Faith said...

Thank you for the plug, I actually was reading your #3 going "Yeah! me too!" and about to comment about it and then saw my name, ha ha!

Those goals sound great and doable, best of luck and I hope you guys enjoy a wonderful summer!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Great post. Yes, I'd like to get rid of more stuff this summer too. I'm feeling a bit suffocated. And I felt *so* inspired by Sarah's blog post.