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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Product Review: Eagle's Wings Considering God's Creation

Looking for a complete one-year natural science curriculum with a Christian perspective? You should check out Considering God's Creation. Thirty-six lessons offer an introduction to everything from creation of the universe, to the animal kingdom, to weather. A scripted teacher's manual makes the lessons easy to teach. The student book is reproducible making it a breeze for parents to teach multiple children at the same time without added expense. The complete program is only $29.95! That does not include materials for the projects, but I still thought that was an excellent bargain for a science program. In addition to science programs, the company offers curriculum for history, geography, math, bible,  and phonics.

This program easily fit into our already packed homeschool schedule. I used the program with Isaac (grade 1) and Henry (kindergarten). They loved it! I started at the beginning of the program which focuses on Creation. The boys are already pretty familiar with this from Sunday School, but they still really enjoyed the projects and the bible readings. Then the creation lessons flowed right into lessons about the solar system. They didn't even notice the transition! The boys loved making a space mobile  As with every homeschool product we use, I had to "tweak" the lessons here and there to adjust for our own family values and beliefs. But unlike some other programs, these changes fit in smoothly and without a lot of extra work and effort on my part.

Another great aspect of this program is the lesson length. Although it is different for each lesson, I never really encountered a lesson that was a huge time commitment for us. This was a bonus because we really don't have a lot of time to spend on science for the little ones. We usually just focus on the basics and science is an extra (they don't even start science at our local public school until grade 3!). I was easily able to complete one or two lessons per week and feel like we got some extra learning in!

I require the boys to keep a science notebook while we do this curriculum. I believe this is suggested in the beginning of the book, and I highly recommend it. We used blank sketch books and the boys tape or glue all their completed science work into the notebook. I also have Isaac write down the vocabulary words from each lesson. Since he is only in first grade, and some lessons have several words, I let him choose the ones to copy. These notebooks have become a nice reference for them of their science work.

Our school year is drawing to a close and the children are finishing up their books. Although this program was not in our initial school plan, we will continue using it throughout the summer because the boys are enjoying it so much.

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Reivew Group, I received a free copy of this science curriculum in exchange for an honest review on this blog. I received no other compensation. 

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