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Friday, April 8, 2011

Product Review: Science Weekly

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to review Science Weekly. Science Weekly is a magazine-type publication that enhances your child's knowledge in science, math, reading, and writing. Aimed at children in kindergarten to sixth grade, Science Weekly is not intended to be a stand-alone program, but rather a supplement for parents to help engage their children in the sciences.

Each issue of Science Weekly ascribes to national science standards and is written at six reading levels‚ covering grades K–6. This allows parents with two or more children to order the same topic for each child. It can’t get better. Now‚ there is no reason for a child to fall behind in science.

Each issue explores vibrant topics that engage students. The topics are varied and the issues are written in a manner suitable to the age of your student. Some of the recent topics of the publication have been: scuba diving, composting, fractions, and caves. You can view a sample issue on the website at each of the six levels.

Although the name suggests that you receive the publication weekly, I think many would be in agreement that this would actually be "too much of a good thing." At my house these would become quickly become unwanted paper clutter. The folks over at Science Weekly have realized this as well. Each issue is so full of information and activities that it is not necessary to send one out every week. Instead you get 15 publications a year. And the cost commitment is very minimal. A year subscription (15 issues) is only only $19.95 per level ordered.

The issues we received were about The Flu. I was very impressed with the layout of the magazine. Unlike other mainstream "science" related publications, this one contained no advertisements for video games or theater movies. It was chocked full of information pertaining to various aspects of The Flu including information about germs and proper hygiene to avoid infection. Isaac's issue was simpler in content, whereas James' magazine contained enough information for several days of follow-up lessons. The publication was completely science-related and science-focused. There were no added gimmicks or "junk" in the publication.

Although we greatly enjoyed the issues we received, we have decided not to subscribe to Science Weekly at this time. The new baby has just arrived, our school year is wrapping up, spring sports started this week, and I feel that we wouldn't be able to get the full value out of the publication at this time. Next time someone suggests a magazine-type subscription gift for the boys, I am going to mention Science Weekly.

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS homeschool review group, I received free issues of Science Weekly in exchange for an honest review on this blog. I received no other compensation.

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