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Monday, April 4, 2011

Product Review: GoGo Kabongo

GoGo Kabongo is an on-line learning universe designed to improve your child's reading skills. Fun, educational children’s games will build confidence and stay challenging with activities that advance at your child's pace and adapt to their ability. Discover three different games in each habitat, each with six levels.

As your child explores each area with their custom made character, they will sharpen their reading skills as they go on treasure hunts, earn items for their very own skate park, create their own comic book, and decorate their treehouse.

Each of the three habitats has unique skills intended to increase reading comprehension and success. Parents are encouraged to follow along with their child's progress using the Parent Center. In this area you can change your child's profile, view a progress report, read articles about reading success, and learn activities and songs to engage your child.

As far as pricing goes, this program is one of the most affordable around. Laughter Lake Habitat is FREE to access, and the other habitats are only $4.95 each per child. If you are in a the market for a computer program for your pre-readers (ages 4 to 7) you might want to consider GoGo Kabongo.

What we thought:

I thought this program was entirely too game-like and lacked a lot of educational content. The characters are almost disturbing in their appearance. Although Isaac enjoyed the program, the main reason he liked it is that "I feel like I am playing a video game instead of doing school work!" After a few short sessions of this program, I decided that my video-game free children had had enough mainstream exposure and we moved on to different computer-free activities.

I must stress here that these views are unique to my family and should not be used as a basis on which you decide if this is the right program for you. I encourage everyone in the market for some innocent on-line learning games to check out GoGo Kabongo. You can access part of the program for free, meaning zero commitment to continue if you find the program is not a good fit. If your kids like to play on-line games, and you are okay with that, I am sure that they will really enjoy this program. Isaac is my creative child, and he had a really good time designing his skate park and decorating his treehouse.

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Group, I reviewed GoGo Kabongo in exchange for an honest review on this blog. I received no other compensation.

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