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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happenings at my house

Okay, the weather has been really crummy lately, I have a baby that literally can not be put down for more than a minute or two without completely freaking out, I have yet to leave the house with all five kids on my own, and my back is killing me from wearing this baby for all but a few brief daylight moments. I got an AWESOME Ergo carrier from a group of friends, but I think I need a special class to figure out how to use the thing. Besides that, things are relatively the same around here. Margaret is hoping for some sunshine so she can leave the house in this cute dress.
Malcolm in the Portland shirt.

He is such a bundle of cuteness!

Being older means you get to carry your brother. At least for as long as it takes for me to snap a photo.

Ahhh! Some hope during this gloomy weather!

Can you see that it was a double rainbow?

It is rainy and cold and gloomy. So we are having a Monopoly marathon. We are on day 4.


Sarah Faith said...

You need to use a rolled up blanket or towel - place under baby - should be slightly wider than the baby and be sure to keep the top slightly above his head (for support) and then put the carrier on and scootch him in feet first. Then grab his feet from the side and settle him in there.
I don't really prefer the ergo for newborns (but those are some awesome friends)!
Have you tried a pouch style carrier? Or a Moby, but it's getting hot (here) for those.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

SO GLAD to hear that I am not the only one with a newborn who can't be put down without her freaking out. I'm holding her aout 22 hours per day and am in the Sore Back Club. An Ergo is a favorite of mine, but even with the newborn insert, it won't be ideal for an infant because it won't hold him squished enough, like when he was in the womb. I use my Maya till around 6 months, then switch to my Ergo.