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Monday, January 10, 2011

Product Review: Easy Classical

Are you looking for an easy way to organize your Classical homeschool? Easy Classical has the system to help you get organized and maintain your sanity!

How does it work?

Easy Classical uses a system of daily schedules structured around the curriculum outlined in Susan Wise Bauer's book The Well Trained Mind. These day-by-day instruction sheets list subjects in bold, and include recommended books for each subject. After each recommendation, there are general instructions for each topic. The schedules even include a material lists to make your shopping easier.

There are four types of schedules available for purchase (complete, main, history, and science). I received the schedule for Early Modern History (found in the history section), and it is intended for Kindergarten to six grade. Each history topic schedule is available in notebook version for $35.95 or as a digital download for $29.95. Click here for complete listing of history schedules and pricing.

Easy Classical Early Modern History Schedule includes 36 week-long schedules plus 45+ pages of charts, sheets, and helps that will enhance your child's learning. Each week's lesson has review questions with answers, and quizzes included with each lesson. This schedule detailed instructions on how to use it, as well as the wonderful shopping lists for the materials (as was mentioned above).

How did I use this schedule in my homeschool?

This program was like a dream come true for me! Each week is divided into days and each day lists the work that need to be completed. Do what the list says and you are done! It is really that simple. The review questions and quizzes give you peace of mind that your student is learning and retaining essential knowledge. The materials are adaptable to any learning style. This is one program that I know we will be able to reuse for each child!

The best bonus of this program are the little extras. I know I have already mentioned the shopping lists, but I really can't get over how great they are. I can not stand reading through a program looking for items we need, only to find out later that I missed one and now the kids have to wait to finish constructing some elaborate project. I will NEVER have that problem with this program because it is already all laid out for me! Here is an example:
Materials Shopping List
General Supplies
-pencil box to hold:
1 Binder: 3” 3 ring binders
5 Dividers (if not already purchased)
-OT and Ancient Egypt
-NT Greece and Rome
-Middle Ages, Ren. and Reformation
-Explorers to 1815
-1815 to Present
History Pockets
-About 40 sheets of 12” x 18” colored
construction paper, string, ribbon or twine, stapler, and
-Other supplies are noted on the schedule the week

Another bonus that was a big hit around here were the drawing instruction sheets. Step-by-Step instructions on how to draw items from the past such as canons or old-style sailboats. The simplicity of the instructions was perfect for my "drawing challenged" boys.

My only regret about this program is that we didn't find out about it sooner. It would have saved me a ton of time in terms of lesson planning and organizing the school year. I am currently researching programs for James for next year and this is definitely one of the programs I will be looking more into. The
complete schedules for Kindergarten to six grade include every subject from math to Latin and are only $89.95 for the notebook version. Very affordable for everything that you get!

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Group, I received a free copy of Easy Classical's Early Modern History Schedule in exchange for an honest review on this blog. I received no other compensation.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

I am so excited to investigate this product! I have wanted to do a Classical Education, but one major concern of mine has been organizing it all, as it is quite detailed. This product sounds great.