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Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I homeschool

There are so many reasons that I won't try to list them, but this morning was a clear example of how I know I made the right choice for my kids.

After the school lessons were done and the piano teacher had left, my kids spent the morning creating a newspaper stand. Most of the newspapers were difficult to understand, but two of the easier titles to make out were: "Margaret makes a mess of the chex mix," and "Missing: One magnetic bakugan card."

It is this type of creativity that I knew would be stifled in a traditional classroom setting.


Sarah Faith said...

I love it!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Yay! I love it. I got to hear a "why I homeschool" story from a parishioner I ran into at the fabric store today: Her 6-year-old (who, as an aside, has CP and other disabilities) and her 14-year-old got the grand idea that the little guy should dress up as a candy corn for Halloween. So the 14-year-old took his brother to the store to buy a bag of candy corn. Then they got a protractor and measured the candy corn EXACTLY because they wanted the costume to be accurate. Then they did the math and designed a sewing pattern for the mother to make. Their brotherly relationship is *very* close. Protractor-and-math kind of close. How often does one see that?

Annie said...

My sister and I had a newspaper when I was in third grade. We called it the Stevens Press, after the street my grandparents lived on. I don't know how many issues we made--I think my grandmother still has them. We put in ads and classifieds and a front page with big news stories, some of them things from our lives and some of them made-up disasters and such. I hadn't thought about that in years but this story reminded me.