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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday fun

Yes, my kids are surrounded by fast food "Happy" meals. No, it wasn't a moment of pregnancy sickness or parenting weakness. Great Grandma Phyllis sent the boys gift certificates and they were so excited to use them and get whatever they wanted. Each boy had a milkshake and a kids meal complete with some alien toy. Margaret also got a kids meal and a milk. She drank almost all the milk and ate exactly one bite of the meal before she began shoving her food into her mostly empty milk jug.

To my kids, who get exactly zero fast food in the course of their day, this was the ultimate treat. Thank you Grandma for thinking of them and for making my Friday a little easier!

Ah... the little things. Like when the littlest brother actually gets that the Lego mosaic set builds more than tall towers. Look at this beauty that Henry created. And with no help at all!

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FairyLover said...

My little lego addict thinks that legos only build rockets. He had an assignment to build a bridge. He built a rocket. "Well, it will zoom across the water."