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Saturday, September 18, 2010

We enter the world of Epinephrine

Things have been quiet around here, but that is ALWAYS the calm before the storm in this house. I was coming downstairs because I could hear Margaret screaming outside and overheard Henry say, "Margaret fell over." As I reached the front door I heard a very upset scream/cry from Isaac coming from the opposite direction. For those of you that know Isaac, you know this is unusual. Isaac is more of a "suffer in silence" kind of kid. When he cries, tears run down his face as he sobs silently. Hearing him cry out in agony caused my maternal instincts to kick in. I called for Margaret to come into the house and went to see Isaac.

I arrived in the kitchen to see Michael pulling a stinger out of Isaac's hand. "Just a bee sting," I thought to myself. He has been stung before. I went to grab an upset Margaret (who had indeed fallen on the sidewalk), and let Michael take care of Isaac.

Within minutes Isaac's hand had swollen significantly. Apple Cider Vinegar was doing nothing to relieve the swelling. Welts formed on his face and neck. A quick call to the doctor confirmed what I had already guessed: he was having a serious reaction to the bee sting. By the time I got off the phone, the welts had spread to his arms, legs and abdomen. By the time we arrived at the emergency room (minutes from our house), his eyes had swollen shut.

We were seen immediately; something about a sick-looking kid who can't open his eyes and who has a pre-existing heart condition makes people spring into action. Isaac was giving a shot of epinephrine and hooked up to several machines. Within an hour most of the welts were gone. Within three hours they were all gone and his eyes were normal.

He's totally fine now. Except for his hand which the doctor said will continue to swell for three days and may get as big as a sausage. He actually said: a sausage. And now we get to carry Benedryl strips and EpiPens wherever we go with Isaac.

If we have to have an allergy, I'll take this one. It's not like some nut allergy where we have to worry if someone on a plane will open some peanuts. Plus, it's pretty seasonal. I won't have to worry about a bee sting when it's ten degrees outside.

On a last note, Margaret did indeed do a serious face plant outside. Poor thing was completely overlooked because of the bee sting. Her nose is now purple and pink, and she has bruises spreading under her eyes. She looks like she got into a bar fight. But she's all smiles as usual.

Not a sausage yet.


Angela said...

I'm so sorry! I'm glad everything worked out well!! Have a restful, healing Sunday!

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TerriG said...

So sorry to hear this. I think the bees have a new formula in their venom. I am still recovering from a nasty sting 8 days ago. I keep hearing these stories.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Oh my, poor kiddos! I'm so glad your son got such fast treatment.