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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Week in Review

As I am slowly beginning to return to the land of the living, I thought I would do a post on our homeschooling week. I know the week is not over yet, but who knows how I will feel tomorrow. The poor boys have endured weeks of written work, mostly because that is all I could manage. As I am slowly beginning to feel better, I thought we would start adding some projects into our day. I got this great book from Paperback Book Swap. It has some fun geography projects designed for multiple ages- perfect for us! I decided to start at the beginning and try for a project a week. We read about directions and then each of the boys created a compass to help learn about where the directions are located on a compass. A simple project, and perfect for the amount of energy that I have this week.

Here is Isaac using a computer program we are reviewing for the blog. It is called Talking Fingers. The boys love it!

Henry created a transportation lapbook this week. He is in one Step-Up class this term, and it is all about transportation. We created a lapbook to hold the information and activities he brings home from Step-Up. We got our lapbooks for the week free from this site.

James is working on a Civil War Lapbook to go along with his history lessons.

Isaac is doing a Dinosaur Lapbook. He is also in a Dinosaur Step-Up class and so this is a perfect way to display all the papers he brings home from that.

Here is Henry proudly displaying his work for the week.

James still loves his Lego physics set. He created a merry-go-round.

Notice how Anakin is holding his blaster? You can never be too careful on a merry-go-round.

That's it for our homeschooling week. 35 days down, 145 left to go!