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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happenings at my house

Two nights ago we had Boy A on the toliet with a bad case of the runs at the EXACT same moment that Boy B decided to start vomitting from the top of the bunk bed all over himself, his bed, and the bed of Boy C (who was sleeping below). The next hour was spent cleaning and comforting miserable children. True to nature, the boys awoke the next morning requesting pancakes and bacon. Boy C's only notice of the previous night's event was the declaration that he had somehow lost his blankets during the night (They had been covered in vomit and were moved to the laundry room). Yesterday was so humid that it felt like you were underwater while you were outside. So of course the boys felt that it was the perfect day to get out all the dress-up clothes. After all, when it is 95 degrees outside, it's a pleasant 95 degrees inside our house as well.

Margaret was sweating so much that her hair stayed wet.

The outfits stayed on for school time.

Margaret does indeed have a bed, and we do often dress her. But here she has made a bed for herself and her baby on the floor, and she prefers to wear only a blue tutu.


Vickie said...

Too cute :D

SisterTipster said...

I've enjoyed your pics of your littles...the one in the schoolroom is AWESOME!