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Friday, July 16, 2010

It's that time of year again

When we work on our kitchen.This is our fourth summer destroying, I mean improving our kitchen. Every year it gets a little less like we had planned, but it does improve. At least I keep telling myself that to keep sane. What I want to know is if it is possible for spouses to remain friends after a kitchen remodel? It is the most used area in our house. Even more than the bathroom, which we have more than one of. We only have one kitchen. And we must be in there to sucessfully prepare three meals a day, several snacks, and drinks. Our house revolves around the kitchen. Bread is always rising or baking. Beans are soaking. We are chatting, laughing, and sharing. A large part of our family life occurs in this space.
Don't let me mislead you. Mike and I are doing our best at maintaining our patience during this time. We laugh over remodeling disasters, and spend hours discussing counter tops and cabinet layouts. I hold my tough when fine sawdust covers the cake I just baked for the homeschool planning meeting. And Mike refrains from rolling his eyes when I burst in to the room exclaiming, "I have got the best idea for [enter newest kitchen remodel obsession here]!"

Our dining room is currently home to almost everything in our kitchen that was not nailed down. But without the sink, stove, or fridge, it's just not the same. We think the remodel might be finished this summer. Early fall at the latest. We may just have some minor paint things to do over Christmas. And some kitchen pieces to get from Georgia next spring. And we may have enough money next summer to replace the broken dishwasher with a functional cupboard. And maybe replace the floors...

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