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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bell's Palsy

No family vacation would be complete without experiencing the unexpected, even if the unexpected is not what is desirable. On Friday, James started complaining about his right eye not blinking. It looked fine, so I told him to wash his face and think of something else. Several hours later he was complaining that he couldn't blink with his eye. Sure enough, his right eye blinked slower and fewer times than his left. We were on our way to an awesome science museum, so the problem was forgotten. After the museum, we noticed that when James smiled, only the left side of his mouth went up. When he shut his eyes, the right eye stayed open at the bottom. A call to our pediatrician in Latrobe led us to the Children's Hospital in Portland. He was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, which is basically facial paralysis with the cause unknown. He should make a full recovery within several months.


Heidiblossom said...

That is crazy! I hope James is feeling all better soon!!

Susan said...

Wow! Talk about unexpected. Praying that James makes a few recovery with not lasting affects.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Poor dear! I remember a woman in my birthing class who developed Bell's Palsey after/because of her labor and it took months or nearly a year to dissipate.