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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You're rich when you....

We are traveling across the country this summer and it is a frequent topic of conversation. One friend we are visiting owns a school bus that has been converted into a camper and a dump truck. After hearing this Isaac exclaimed, "Wow. They must have a TON of money to be able to have both of those!"


Because I promised my Mama I would post photos of the pretty tulips at my house.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday James!!!!!!

Has it really been eight years? It seems like only yesterday that I was driving lost around Boston with back-to-back contractions. My life has changed in unexplainable ways since the birth of this precious sweet child.

Happy Birthday James! We love you more every single day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Interior Design Blog

A gal I went to highschool with started her own interior design business. Click here to check out Mahnoosh INTERIORS

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Trip to the Big Apple

Michael had a conference outside of NYC and so his folks and the kids and I tagged along for the trip. We had a great time touring the city. We intended to take the train to the sites, but the weather was great and so we ended up walking everywhere. On the first day, we walked over 40 blocks!
We had never taken the kids to NYC before, although they have been to other cities. We have decided that we definitely have country-bred children. Henry spent most of the first morning with his hands over his ears to block out the noise from trains, cars, horns, buses, people, etc. Margaret would not ride in the front of the stroller because the crowds were so thick that it scared her.

We saw many of the sites and ate delicious foods. I was worried about the cost, but the only things we ended up paying for on the first day was the train to get into the city, and our lunch.

We had to make a stop at FAO Schwartz.

They had Chewbacca made out of Legos.
The piano from the movie Big. If you want one for your house, they sell them for $250,000.

Lego Batman is also for sale for a more reasonable price of $27,000.

Central Park was great with a different playground about every ten minutes.

At the top of the Empire State Building. We had to pay for this attraction, but it was worth it since the kids thought it was so neat. And the kids were free on the day that we went, so we only had to pay for the adults.

A Special Thank You!

I wanted to give a special thank you to my friend Sue who donated some unused homeschool curriculum to us. She allowed us to sell the curriculum and keep the money for the adoption. Those ebay sales earned us over $300! Thank you for your generosity Sue!

Please visit our adoption blog for updates:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Night-Time Prayer

This girl knows what she wants. Below is a transcript of her usual bedtime prayer.
I pay for Kennen, Mema, Pepa, Gammy, Bub, Nemo, Superman, and Donuts.

My Day in Words

"No, you may not have a candy. It's not even 8:00 am yet."

"I have no idea where that book is with the red and blue cover that we read right before Christmas."

"Does it smell like urine in here?"

"What is all that blue stuff on Margaret's face?"

"Yes, you can have another hug."

"No, my pocket doesn't still have that piece of trash you found at the train station in NYC."

"Does it smell like throw-up in here?"

"Because it's forty degrees outside! You can't play barefoot out there today!"

"I don't care if that hole leads all the way into the basement. Don't drop those things down there."

"Yes, I would love to do this maze (or dot-to-dot) that you just made. Again."

"No, I haven't seen the caterpillar you found at Easter. Remember, caterpillers don't like living in jars or speeders made out of Duplos."

"I don't think keeping your tootsie rolls in your bed is the best hiding place."

"Don't body slam your sister before bed."

"I love you too. Very, very much."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For those of you who are curious... is a little preview of our new dining room colors.

What the kids have been up to

It has been a productive couple of weeks in the school department. The children have about 20 days left to complete for the school year. Isaac has finished his math curriculum and is now working on math ideas from the internet. Here he is working on a mosaic rainbow.
James got to choose some books for his birthday and he got this neat drawing book. It has kept him busy making up his own comic strips.

The day I wash sheets always turns into a full-day affair since the kids like to use all the bedding for a huge fort.
Target had these cute little ceramic mushrooms that came with paints for only a buck. The kids enjoyed painting in the afternoon sunshine.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Number One

Number Six

How it looked for almost a week before it fell out.

How it looks now.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Letter Confusion

Boy (making hand motions): "Mama, what letter goes like this: reeeet, swoosh, reeet?"

Sunday, April 4, 2010