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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Margaret's Birthday

Two Grandmas and a Great-Grandma requested that many photos be posted of Margaret on her birthday. So here are the pictures that marked her big day.This photo is actually from yesterday. It demonstrates Margaret's newest craze: taking everything out of her drawers and putting on her swimsuit. Here she has the swimsuit top on her legs.

In the afternoon we opened a few presents.

Margaret loves to open presents, but the problem is that she takes a very long time. In fact, she sometimes takes so long that she gets bored and decides to move to another activity before the gift is opened.

So Papa offers to help and we are able to get a few of the gifts open.

It's a baby doll and she is very excited.

She is showing Papa all the accessories it comes with.

Look at how excited she is!

By far the biggest hit was the antique baby doll bed that Margaret received. This was the same doll bed that I played with as a child and my mother played with as a child before me.

She was in Heaven putting the doll in the bed and covering it with the little blanket.

Here is the cake. It was chocolate on the bottom and yellow cake on the top. And yes, I did make it and frost it. And I made the homemade buttercream frosting.

Here are the cupcakes. They are chocolate and yellow cake as well. I got the idea for the design from a magazine. They are supposed to represent a bunch of balloons.

We are so very fortunate that we chose the most perfect place to live in Latrobe. For Margaret's birthday we had the neighborhood over. Five houses of neighbors in our block and one house of friends from a few blocks away came to help us celebrate Margaret's big day. Since it was just the neighbors is was a very relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

Margaret got a lot of presents. Good thing she had a posse of kids to help her open them all.

She got a beautiful angel necklace from the little girl next door.

She received lots of girly stuff like dresses and play shoes and tiaras and purses.

The pink feather boa was not her friend. She screamed everytime one of the adults tried to drape it over her shoulders for a photo.

Notice the high heel.

With her little friend Aisley.

She is waiting patiently for her birthday cake with her new cell phone in hand, bracelet on tray and high heels in place.

Waiting is hard work, but thumb-sucking helps pass the time.

She's not quite sure what to make of the singing and the candles.

Blowing out her candles. I bet her wish had something to do with baby dolls and plastic high heels.

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Katherine said...

What a lovely birthday party. Your cakes are fantastic, you are so skilled. Love the girlie dress-up clothing.