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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Margaret!!!

It's my baby's second birthday! Our entire family has been blessed beyond belief by Margaret. She was a dream come true for everyone. To read about the reactions people had when Margaret finally arrived after three boys, CLICK HERE.Even in these early baby photos you can see so much of Margo's personality.

She totally had hair in the beginning and then she went shiny bald!

By her first birthday she had a dusting.

Now she's finally starting to look less like an old man and more like a little girl!

She seems so grown up now.

Margaret has many funny things to say. She comes up to me and says "Carry you?" when she wants me to pick her up. She asks "Done Mama?" whenever I come out of the bathroom or I stand up from the sewing machine. She drags chairs and stools all over the house exclaiming "Neeeed tep tool! Neeeed tep tool!" Anytime she enters the kitchen she freaks out and yells for something completely in gibberish which we have figured out means she wants her milk from the fridge. I would try to copy it down here, but I wouldn't do it justice. Most recently we have put a child lock on the snack cupboard because she dumps everything out of the packages and then stomps on them. Now she goes to the cupboard, tries the door and exclaims, "It's tuck!" or "It's brucken!"

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Our lives would be incomplete without you!


Susan said...

Happy birthday, Margaret! She is such a cutie!

Alexandra said...

Happy (late) birthday, Margaret. What a treasure you are to your family!!