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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Star Wars, Star Wars, Everywhere

If anyone was wondering what the kids are into lately, the answer is two words: Star Wars. Even Margaret can be heard "Da, DA... Da-da-da-dada"ing around the house as she sings the Star Wars theme song. Here is a little photo tribute to all the ways Star Wars makes its way into our lives. And if you were wondering how many times a five year old can ask if his $10 gift card will buy the Lego Death Star between the house and Walmart, the answer is 8 times in 12 minutes. Here is a rebel base.
Here is the place that Hans Solo got captured in The Empire Strikes Back. "Mama, do you know what I wish we could buy but I know that we can't? The Lego Death Star."

A clone trooper.

A Tie-Fighter.

An X-Wing Fighter. "Do you know what I really wish that we could buy? The Lego Death Star!"

Another X-Wing Fighter. "Mama? Do you know what I think is the neatest Lego thing? The Lego Death Star." "Okay, Isaac. No more talk about the Lego Death Star."

"Mama? Do you know what I would buy if I had a million dollars?"
"Isaac. No Death Star talk."
"Oh yeah. Nevermind."

Reading about Star Wars.

A Star Wars ship.

Double trouble Star Wars.