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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

School, school, and more school

Those of you who homeschool will appreciate the fact that all we have been doing lately is homeschooling. I am determined to get a good start on the school year so that we can take more breaks throughout and end as soon as the weather turns to sunny and warm again. I have tried this every year and every year I have been finishing the school year up in June while the neighbor kids play in our yard. Here are the kids at their various school activities.
Clothing is optional at Krom Academy.

It's a speeder made out of pipe builders.

Her hair is finally long enough for some hair stuff.

Sewing is an important part of the school day.

Writing his composition.

Reading for literature.

Into someone's coin collection.

Isaac's favorite school activity.

In jammies my mom made for my brother when we were little.

A little big still but he didn't mind.


Math time.

Doing his thing. Which apparently involves making a mess.

Reading Gulliver's Travels.

Fat lip from being hit by a swing at the bonfire we went to Saturday night.

It actually looks worse than when it first happened.

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