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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some photos

These photos are from last Sunday until today. Margaret is wearing the same dress on both Sundays because it is one of my favorites and I feel like her time wearing it is very limited.

Don't forget to tell James your popcorn order. The only fundraiser of the year for Boy Scouts.

Houses around here are close together

So close together, in fact, that when your neighbor has cable and you want to watch the game...

It's easy to bring his cable into your house.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our week so far, and a few extra days as well.

First, a photo of our only local Godchild, beautiful Elena. She loves her bumbo seat! And here's our current troublemaker. Obviously plotting her next evil deed.

When not up to something naughty, Margo loves to eat pencils and crayons.

Isaac is looking very serious as he contemplates how he should proceed down the slide. It is a difficult decision.

Here's an expert gardener. He is looking for some thirsty tomato plants.

Yup, she's already table dancing.

Hee-hee. Watch out below!

Playmobil will be the death of me before their childhood ends. Don't get me wrong. It is very attractive and fun for all. I was just hoping that if I owned a million of something that it would be a million dollars, not a million "world of minature" pieces.

Okay, all her naughtiness is forgiven when she gets into the boyscout uniform pieces.

One of the many reasons we homeschool is so that the kids can be completely comfortable while they complete their lessons.

Yeah! James learned to tie a shoe!

An important point to remember. Margo does not need so much water when she is using the watercolor paints.

Oh yeah! This ship has tons of missles.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Monday

I sent a boy child downstairs to use the toliet during school today because the upstairs toliet was being used by another boy child. A little while later I went into the downstairs bathroom to do the laundry and noticed urine all over the floor. So I sent the boy-child back downstairs with a hand towel to clean up the urine and we continued on with our lessons.

Fast forward several hours. Snack has been made and eaten. Lunch has been made and eaten. I suddenly remember the laundry. I go into the laundry and notice the pee towel is hung neatly on the towel bar. It is the only towel there. All the children have dried their clean hands and faces on this towel at least twice.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting Home

For years I have desired to be closer to home. Home for me is Oregon. But, as many academic families know, things don't always work out in the way that you desire. Academic jobs are highly competitive, and you must go to where the job is.

Still, I long for the simplicity of home. And I am inspired by stories of other families trying to get home. So when my sewing instructor told me about her daughter, and the bet from her husband that could end in her daughter being able to return home; I had to investigate! After all, who doesn't like fun challenges between spouses?

After checking out her blog, I have decided that this girl deserves to be returned home. And I am sending in my hundred pennies to support her. That's right: ONE DOLLAR! Look in your car to see if you can support her as well!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 18 of Homeschooling

Today was Day 18 out of 180 for our homeschool year. I snapped some photos of our day. Here James is doing his All About Spelling lesson. We are repeating Level 3 for extra practice (and because I forgot to order Level 4 of the program), and so it is really easy for him. This is Margaret's newest thing. As soon as I get down the board for James to do spelling, Margo FREAKS out and runs to the shelf where the other board is kept. She has decided that this magnet board with chunky letters is her board. She must have access to this board at this time and it must be placed in the same location each day. During James' spelling time she removes all the letters, hides them among the books behind the board, and eats all the dots to the i's and j's.

Due to a wonderful birthday party over the weekend, the kids got outfitted in pirate gear. This is one of two pirates that made an appearance today.

I always convince Henry to "help" Margaret clean up her board. He is excited about finding all the hidden letters, but won't touch any of the dots because he says [enter sing-song voice here], "They are too wet and gross!"

These fruity counters were the best ebay purchase I have ever made for the school room. This is the third year we have had them and the interest for them is still going strong. Here they are making muffins and trying to convince Margaret that they are not real fruit or real muffins, and therefore should not be eaten.
Here is the other pirate that appeared after morning snack. It is such a coincidence since we are reading Robinson Crusoe and today he was captured by pirates and enslaved.

My pirates were very friendly and all they wanted was to snuggle and for me to play upstairs with them in the playroom.

The Kids Room

Yesterday we knocked out a small wall in the room the kids sleep in. It was part of the closet and by knocking it out we were able to move a second dresser into the closet area which really opened up the space in the room. We also switched the bed order which allowed more light to come into the room from one of the windows. These are the before photos.

Ta-Da! We still have some detailing work to do and we need to hang a second clothes bar in the closet.

Look at all that space!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Many moods

Margaret knows the score...
bbut sometimes she doesn't like it.


Grandma and Margaret
My niece Lauren, her daughter Shayla, and Margaret.

My nephew Nick and my crew.

Mama, Carol, and Grandma.

Family dinner.


Always a hit with my kids.