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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Margaret the Terrible!

We are in our third week of homeschooling and so I haven't been as camera happy lately. But I did mange to get some pictures of Margaret being an absolute terror around the house. I swear, this girl is more work than all three boys combined!It's easier to reach all the things you are not supposed to have when you stand in the bathroom sink.

Mmmm. Paint markers that some nice brother left open for me.

It is easier to see all the play-doh toys when you get up close to them.

Hmmm. Mama is always sitting here moving these knobs. Hey, this is pretty fun!

Ohhh! Just look what I can do when I get my hands on the sewing scissors!

I know there were fun things up here earlier. Where did they all go?

The brothers went and told you that I was climbing the loft ladder, but see? I'm not. Now, just leave and I promise that I will just stand here and not climb up this ladder.

We dress her like this to help persuade her to love the Brady Bunch as much as her Mama does. Can you hear the song I'm thinking of? I think I'll go for a walk outside now, the summer suns calling my name, I hear him now. I just can't stay inside all day, I've got to get out and get some of those raaaaayyyyys......


Katherine T. Lauer said...

That is fantastic! What an adventurer. I love her hoping that you'll leave so she can climb the ladder.

Susan said...

Peter was our terror, climbing on tables and dumping boxes of cereal, spraying down the entire bathroom with the shower wand, jumping from the sofa to the coffee table to the armchair...or was it Mary throwing soccer balls into the street, jumping on the top bunk, pinching everyone in sight...or maybe it was David decorating my lampshades with fluorescent pink highlighter, trimming his sister's hair...It's a team effort, ya know. The boys keep you busy while Market tears the house down. Can't wait to see what Emma comes up with;-)