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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Feast Day Margaret!

August 15 is Margaret's Feast day. We celebrated with some gifts from Grammy and Grandpa Bob, and then headed over to our friends the Arcara's for dinner. Margaret didn't really understand why she was receiving gifts, but she seemed to like all the attention that she was getting from the brothers. Oh wow! Look at these beautiful sweaters!

Margaret loves baby dolls. This one is a special Chinese one.

It's important to investigate your baby.
The doll was her favorite gift.


Angela said...

Happy Feast Day, Margaret! And, I love the new picture of all the kids at the top of your blog!!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Happy feast day! Jessica, I've been thinking about getting a baby doll for Mary soon. I like the looks of that Chinese doll you have--just because it looks simple and is a smaller size. I want simple with soft limbs. Any link you could provide would be great!