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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Summer Photos

My neighbor emailed me some photos of the boys that she had taken and I thought I would share them with you. They are in no particular order.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Blog

I want to draw attention to a new blog that I am following called: Stuff White People Like." You can find the link in the sidebar. The post about camping is very funny, especially after our most recent camping experience.

Margaret the Terrible!

We are in our third week of homeschooling and so I haven't been as camera happy lately. But I did mange to get some pictures of Margaret being an absolute terror around the house. I swear, this girl is more work than all three boys combined!It's easier to reach all the things you are not supposed to have when you stand in the bathroom sink.

Mmmm. Paint markers that some nice brother left open for me.

It is easier to see all the play-doh toys when you get up close to them.

Hmmm. Mama is always sitting here moving these knobs. Hey, this is pretty fun!

Ohhh! Just look what I can do when I get my hands on the sewing scissors!

I know there were fun things up here earlier. Where did they all go?

The brothers went and told you that I was climbing the loft ladder, but see? I'm not. Now, just leave and I promise that I will just stand here and not climb up this ladder.

We dress her like this to help persuade her to love the Brady Bunch as much as her Mama does. Can you hear the song I'm thinking of? I think I'll go for a walk outside now, the summer suns calling my name, I hear him now. I just can't stay inside all day, I've got to get out and get some of those raaaaayyyyys......

My Magazine Models!

We received our newest edition of the Latrobe-Unity Parks and Recreation catalog and guess who made the cover? My judo boys: Michael, James and Isaac.
Truthfully, we didn't even notice. The catalog came and I immediately flipped through it to find the days and times for all our activities. It was only after a neighbor mentioned it that I went back and looked at the cover.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Silly Girl!

At Liturgy on Sunday there was a lot of muffled giggling behind us. I learned afterwards that a little boy two rows back was pulling his ears and sticking his tongue out at Market. She began to imitate him, which explains all the giggling parishioners. She has repeated the action several times at home, always gaining approval from the brothers. It is hard to get a photo of it because she is much more interested in getting her hands on the camera.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Feast Day Margaret!

August 15 is Margaret's Feast day. We celebrated with some gifts from Grammy and Grandpa Bob, and then headed over to our friends the Arcara's for dinner. Margaret didn't really understand why she was receiving gifts, but she seemed to like all the attention that she was getting from the brothers. Oh wow! Look at these beautiful sweaters!

Margaret loves baby dolls. This one is a special Chinese one.

It's important to investigate your baby.
The doll was her favorite gift.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Night

After dinner some neighbors were trying out their new slip and slide and so my kids had to go over and investigate. It was pretty close to bedtime and so I just let them go on it in their clothes. The battery on my camera is dying and so a lot of these photos are blurry.James had no hestitation after he got permission to get wet. Margaret is alerting me to the actions of her brother.

For some reason getting your clothes wet is very exciting. Immediately after this photo was taken Henry announced that he was cold. He needed a towel right away. Thank goodness I just washed towels this afternoon.

Silly me, I thought he was going to use the towel to warm up. Instead he decided to wear the towel in the slip and slide to stay warm. Watching him get through wet grass and a dozen children with the towel wrapped around his face was a riot. And now that I look at this towel I realize that it is not even our towel!

Isaac learned that if you stand on the spray you can direct the water. Here he is drenching Henry (who is still wrapped in his now very wet towel to stay warm).

Margaret showed her courageous side and ventured into the spray of the slip and slide. I think she was showing off for her little buddy. Not to be outdone, her little buddy was soon going down the slip and slide with the big kids.

Homeschool Summer Recitation Day

We had our summer homeschool receitation day on Wednesday. It was quite a success with nine children presenting everything from musical pieces to a snake display. The theme for the day was "colors." James and Isaac each created a book about the colors of Star Wars which they read to the group.
For my kids, homeschool receitation day is not that fun. The idea of standing up in front of other kids and adults to present something scares them. But I saw a big improvement this time around. James eagerly asked to read his book after only a couple children had gone. Isaac still needed lots of encouragement, but he read his book without tears.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Night Bike Ride

We drove into Greensburg after dinner and biked on a portion of the "Rails to Trails" path. Here we are getting ready to head out.

Isaac had a small crash early on and decided he didn't want to ride anymore. He wasn't hurt, but the crash scared him. So we locked up his bike along the trail and he climbed onto the back of my bike.

Stopping for a water break.

Margaret seemed happier to be in the bike seat rather than the bike trailer.

Pirates Game

We went to a Pirates baseball game last weekend. The Pirates were doing really well until the seventh inning and then they ended up losing. It was really hot, but the kids did really well. We had great seats.

For those of you interested...

The Steelers have their summer training camp at St. Vincent College. Michael was lucky enough to get field passes to one of the practices. He could only get two, and so he took James.