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Sunday, May 10, 2009

We have a new God Daughter!

Angela and Daniel asked us to be Godparents their newest daughter Elena Lucia. Today was her baptism. Elena is still teeny-tiny at just over seven pounds. She was so light in my arms during the baptism that I was afraid I would drop her the whole time. For more photos and video, check out Angela's blog. True to tradition, there was a baby crying almost the entire time during the baptism. Only that baby was not Elena. We have Margaret to thank for her endless acoustics during the big event. James was very proud to hold his new Godsister.

Isaac took the job very seriously. Henry did not want to hold the baby, but later at home announced that Baby Elena was very little and very cute. I asked him if he loved baby Elena and he replied, "Yes I love her and I like her!"


Angela said...

Thanks again for celebrating with us today!

Katherine said...

Congratulations to everybody!