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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Here are the kids ready to go to Liturgy.

Every Easter Sunday the kids do a scavenger hunt for their Easter Baskets. I made about half the clues outside or at the neighbors house. I had no idea it was going to be 28 degrees Easter morning!

Everyone got a turn finding the clues.

The clues would alternate in and out of the house.

Finally the Easter baskets were found under the dining room table, and it was time to open the presents.

Here is the Easter bread that Michael made.

Here is Margaret and her mama.
Later that afternoon we had our annual Easter Party. We had a big Easter egg hunt with over twenty children and using three yards. Isaac's basket filled up pretty quickly.

Henry has hit the jackpot with the eggs here.

James was all business during the hunt.

I've posted this photo mostly for my Dad so that he can see how many people can fit onto the deck that he built for us.

I had to post this last picture because it is the perfect representation of the love-hate relationship between Henry and our little neighbor Maddie. Henry found her headband on the sofa and insisted that he wear it so that when he saw Maddie he could say, "Maddie! Look what I found and am wearing on my head!" Maddie's mom and I swear that there could be a sitcom about Henry and Maddie.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

What a neat Easter basket hunt! I love the headband.