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Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrating Earth Day

On Saturday the kids and I went to a local Earth Day Festival. The weather was perfect so we parked at the SVC campus and walked down to the Nature Reserve for the festival.James ran the entire way. That child has so much energy!

I made the kids stare into the sun so that I could try to get a photo of the four of them with the basilica in the background.

Part of the fun was getting to plant some seeds. Here they are each planting some Black-eyed Susans.

Henry was much more interested in burying the shovels and dumping dirt on his sandals.

Isaac smiled the whole time.

Margaret chilled in the stroller.

There was also a spinning wheel. Henry was the first to discover it and he was already at it by the time the rest of us got over there.

Everyone had to try it.

Some college students were offering tattoes and so James and Isaac had to each get one.

Then it was time to pose for another photo. I was so nervous about Margaret following off this rock that I didn't even try to get them all to smile.

On the way out we noticed the Honey Bee display. Henry noted that it was a good thing those bees didn't live in our microwave. He's right!

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