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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do they ever stop talking?

Funny times at our house.

From James: "Mama! I was in the bathroom and Isaac kept knocking on the door and everytime I said, 'Who is it?' he would say that he was someone else. And I kept telling him to leave me alone, but he was still doing it only being someone else each time. And one time he said he was 'the dude!'"

From Isaac (an oldie but a goodie): "Mama, when can I ride in a limosine?" "Well, maybe after you get married. People sometimes ride in them after they are married." "Oh good! And I want you to ride with me!" "No, I can't ride with you. You will ride with your wife." He is instantly in tears: "But I want you to come too!" "Okay, fine. I'll come too." All the boys believe that they are going to live here with their wives and children after they are grown up. We are fostering that idea in hopes of getting a reality television show when it happens.

From Henry (with his arms extended the full length): "Mama. Your bootie is thhhhhiiiiisss bbbiiiiggggg!"

From Margaret: "Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!" "Yes, Margaret?" "Papa buk. Papa buk." (Papa book. Margaret must show me every book she finds that belongs to Michael. And for those of you that have ever been to the Krom house, you know that this game can go on for years).

From a neighbor girl (in a voice that only a four year old girl can make): "Miss Jessica? You look just like a pretty dog." This is possibly the nicest compliment I have ever gotten because she was completely sincere.


Annie said...

o my gosh, you look just like a pretty dog. I cannot stop laughing. that is adorable.

Heidiblossom said...

The story they told about me at the honors society induction in high school, passed on by my parents, was me, standing in front of the mirror, exclaiming "I'm as pretty as a dog!"
So seriously, to a four year old, not much could be better looking than a canine. Even if your bootie is 'thhhhhiiiiisss bbbiiiiggggg.'

Angela said...

So funny! Thanks for sharing!!