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Friday, February 27, 2009

Would Mrs. What's-Her-Name" please call me? We need to talk.

A recent conversation.
"Mama. Do you remember when we were at that house with the many rooms and there was that woman there, Mrs. What's-Her-Name, and we were there to do that thing with those people and she had a boy with her and I think that he had freckles. Well that boy who I think might have been a teenager, said that there was a ghost room in this other house with an attic. And we heard those noises coming from the attic when we went to that other house with those other people, one of the ones who wore that shirt, and the boy was there and there was also a girl."
"Do you remember why we were there?"
"No. And you weren't even there."
"Was Papa?"
"He came there with us but he wasn't there right then."
"What else happened?"
"Lot's of stuff."
"Like what?"
"I don't remember."


Susan said...

I LOVE kids:-)

Annie said...

leaving your kids with random strangers again?

Katherine said...

What a fantastic conversation.