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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had a busy weekend around here. Here are some photos that recap some of our adventures.
Margaret is looking especially cute in her jeans as she pulls up to standing on a school room chair.

The boys LOVED their Hawaii shirts from Grammy and Grandpa Bob. They insisted on wearing them even though they had to wear other shirts underneath (It was in the low 30s on Saturday. And snowing again- SIGH).

Notice Henry is shooting a gun while I take the photo. Now imagine his high-pitched sing-song voice, "I am going to shoot the camera- BAM!"

Taking a photo with silly faces distracts Henry from his shooting.

This is very interesting. If you are eating a Fun Dip from your Valentine's Day goodies and you get tired of your brothers coming up and begging licks off you; your best bet is too hide. Now, this gets more challenging if your folks are getting ready for company and they won't let you leave the kitchen with a bag of colored sugar. Even just standing at the table gets a "Sit down with that!" or "Stay at the table until you are finished." You need to find a solution that will please the parents and keep you out of view of your needy brothers.

Soultion: Squeeze into the space between the fridge and the chimmney. You'll be nice and warm from the heat vent, and your brothers won't be able to notice you when they come to the kitchen door. Word of advice: Try not to knock over the mop on your little sister who pulls up on the table without noticing that you are hiding. Her screams and cries may blow your cover.

One never knows when you might need a fleece hat in the middle of the night.

Especially when this fleece hat keeps the goblins and cabbage away.

It must be working because I don't see any goblins or cabbage anywhere!

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Katherine said...

Love the hat that keeps cabbage away.